Spiced Pumpkin Soup V/VG 

Hearty traditional soup with pumpkin pieces and croutons


Red Pea Soup V/VG 

Full of vegetables and spices, with a pinch of Scotch bonnet and pimento seeds


Add oxtail

+ £2

Nigerian Pepper Soup  

Made with West African hot spices and garnished with mint leaves

Comes with a choice of

Meat (inc. cow foot & tripe)





Gizzard & Plantain  

Fried gizzard and fried plantains with a simmering mixed pepper and tomato sauce


Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings marinated in our own jerk sauce with allspice and Scotch bonnet


Grilled Sweet Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings marinated in our Harvest honey glaze


Beef Samosas

Beef and potatoes inside wonderful flaky, deep-fried samosas


Vegetable Spring Rolls V/VG/GF

Packed with Thai basil, carrots, lettuce and green onion. Naturally gluten-free!



Beef or chicken smothered in a mixture of dried spiced smoky peppers, served with onions, tomatoes and cucumber





Jamaican Pepper Prawns

Seasoned prawns fried with Scotch bonnet and mixed bell peppers


Salt Fish Fritters ‘Stamp & Go’

Salt fish and seasoning in a fried dumpling