Great home cooked food made with love and passion
With the added ingredient of joy and laughter
Add a handful of warmth, with a spoonful of affection and kindness

We Are Harvest

What’s Cooking?

Jerk Chicken

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Jerk chicken. A staple cuisine throughout the Caribbean made of grilled chicken coated spicy jerk marinade sauce, allspice & scotch bonnets peppers. No need to long for the Caribbean; have a taste of it here today.

Grilled Tilapia

Grilled whole marinated fresh Tilapia cooked in spicy sauce and vegetable medley, you don’t want to miss out

Chickpea Curry

The classic curry with chickpeas, You have to try the Chickpea Curry! This dish blows away expectation and we here at Harvest cannot stop eating it.

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Freshly made fusion cuisine

Our aim is simple: to serve up plates, bowls and platters of sumptuous dishes with West African and Caribbean influences, giving diners the opportunity to tantalise their tastebuds with something new, made from the freshest ingredients mother nature avails.

Whether you are tucking into a serving of Jollof rice with fried plantains, thinking to indulge in Harvest Jerk Chicken or curry goat, or biting into a ‘puff puff’ – each dish is made with love, is an ode to the heritage of the restaurant’s Founders, and is a delightful celebration of Afro-Caribbean signature dishes.